Skate Sharpener

Manual Power Product Concept


Create a human powered product that only uses energy generated by manual effort and does not require any external power source.


Being interested in hockey skating and tired of having to pay to get my skates sharpened, I decided to come up with a hand held solution that was portable but also amplified human effort. Rudimentary sharpeners were already available but these were little more than hand held metal files. 

Skate blades are not like razor blades they actually have two edges and groove down the centre. This means that all you need to do to sharpen the blade is wear down the groove further to create the correct profile.


The design uses a set of griping wheels that can be adjusted to the relevant blade width. The griping wheels are driven by friction and the motion of moving the sharpener down the blade. The wheels would turn a grinding disk in the opposite direction to work on the blade surface with maximum effort.

One of the main considerations was safety in use, so a substantial hand guard is incorporated in to the design to prevent a users hand slipping onto the blade.