Rescue Support Vehicle

Concept Vehicle Project


3rd year project; Design a vehicle for any purpose.


International rescue are a real organisation that assist with the rescue and support in countries that have been hit by natural disasters. This could be situations such as earthquakes, flooding. As inspired by the original Thunderbirds series I wanted to design a general purpose rescue support vehicle that would satisfy the following requirements:

  • Small and compact enough to be loaded on to commercial air freight for rapid deployment
  • Have some amphibious ability for flood situations
  • Extreme off road capability to traverse difficult terrain
  • Multi purpose carrying capacity for equipment, tools or people.


The two immediately contrasting requirements were the need for extreme off-road capability and the need for a compact design. The suspension seemed to be a key feature of the final design in that case.

For amphibious capability a number of design decisions were made; the chassis base has more in common with a boat hull to provide maximum buoyancy and water resistance. The main drive system would be hydraulic with a diesel power plant. The power plant would also need an air breather high up to continue to function in water.

For dusty environments advanced filter systems were also considered.